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Dr You Xia Li


You Xia Li is a Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. She maintains a successful practice in Chinese Medicine in Sydney's eastern suburb of Randwick.


Dr Li has a Bachelor of Science in Medicine from the People's Republic of China. She graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University in 1983. Was a senior physician at a teaching hospital attached to Shanghai Second Medical University, working in the depts. of acupuncture and integrated Western-Chinese medicine and was involved in teaching medical and nursing students and training junior doctors. She assisted in clinic research in the fields of renal disease, cardiovascular disease, homopathy (blood disease), and gastro-intestinal disease with Chinese medicine treatment.


During 30 years of practicing she has studied under various traditional Chinese herbalists in China, deepening her skill with herbal medicine. Her extensive experience in combined Western - Chinese medicine,enables her to use information taken from a patient's X-ray, blood tests and other medical reports before prescribing herbal remedies.


In 1996 she officiated at the International TCM conference in Sydney. She is a member of China Medical Association, International Red Cross, Shanghai Acupuncture Association and Australian Traditional Medicine Society.


Paul Jose


From a photo-technical background, Paul trained in Tae Kwando in 1973-74 in London UK. Returned to Australia in 1977,developed an interest in eastern philosophies and internal development after meeting Dr Ainslee Mears. Attended Australian Institute of Yoga in Melbourne. Moved to Sydney in 1987, began training in Shan Dan Ba Duan Jin ( Eight Silken forms of Shan Dan school) Qigong.


Visited China 1990 and became involved in internal martial arts. Paul's principle Taijiquan form is the Chang form of Chang Yun-Jia from the lineage of (Wu) Quan Yu. He also practices classical Wu style Tai Chi from the same related lineage. He has officiated as a judge at the 2000 and 2001 Peaceful Challenge Tai Chi tournaments.


His interest also includes historical research into the development of Tai Chi and Qigong. Besides being a Tai Chi instructor, Paul is also a qualified Traditional Chinese Massage therapist having trained in China and Australia. He is an accredited member of the Association of Remedial Masseurs (ARM) and Fitness Institute of Australia (FIA).