having been subjected to great work stress, my life took a turn for the worse. Then I was told about acupuncture and decided to try it. Since coming to You Xia, I have had a tremendous improvement in the quality of my life.

Leonardo, Engineer, Sydney



I feel and look many years younger than my chronological age. I put my faith in Chinese medicine and have had wonderful results with acupuncture, herbs and massage. Thankyou You Xia.

Margaret, Reg. nurse, Gold Coast



I have been visiting You Xia Li for over 3 months and during that time the treatment for sinus has been fantastic. Not only has it treated my mucus problem but it has improved my sleeping, given me energy to deal with the day ahead and relaxed me to such an extent that I have found this elusive state 'Peace'. 'The Doctors' care has always been first rate, always concerned for my well being as well as fixing my ailment.

Ray, Teacher, Sydney.



After too many years of having shoulder and neck constantly tight with tension, less than 4 months of acupuncture and massage has made the greatest difference! You Xia's work has been a godsend,...I no longer take strong muscle relaxant's to ease the pain...Its been a fantastic treatment...Thanks very much.

Sue, R.A.N. , Canberra.



For about 30 years, I endured what felt like a low level cold....I could'nt go for a run or a bicycle ride without my nose pouring like a tap. This time of year, Sept - Nov, was always the worst, because hayfever aggravated the rhinitis. Well, in just two and a half weeks, with a few needles and some very mysterious and picturesque herbs, Dr Li has made a large improvement to my miserable condition. It is about 70 - 80% better already, and the dark circles under my eyes - related to the rhinitis - are starting to fade. Thanks so much.

Alison, Journalist, Melbourne.



A severe outbreak of psoraisis over most of my body sent me searching vigorously for help. Western medicine provided me with vague assistance and basically no help. Within 15 days of treatment at Jade Buddha Herbs I had ...an 85% improvement... and also a noticeable difference in my general health. Thank you so much.

Tony, Musician, Adelaide



I have had a poor health all my life. Two months after my arrival in Australia I was feeling pretty bad. I decided to try Jade Buddha Herbs clinic. Best move I've done in a while. I started getting acupuncture and herb treatment and the results were almost immediate. I started sleeping better, my head cleared up, my energy levels increased and I started feeling myself again...Thank you You Xia, you've done me a world of good! All my appreciation.

Suzie, Financial Adviser, Canada



I am a dancer with Sydney Dance Company and late last year, during a performace I tore my right calf, three weeks into my recovery I came to see You Xia to see whether she could help me. I limped into her clinic and walked out of it following her magical acupuncture. You Xia not only continues to help relieve my body physically due to my work but has also beautifully turned my life around with all the wonderful herb concoctions she continues to prescribe for me...Thank you so very much ...You work miracles!!

Simone, Dancer, Sydney

Here is what some women have said about Dr You Xia Li's treatments:



I came to see You Xia in 2000 hoping to become pregnant with a child - I was 36 years old... Two months later I was pregnant and then had a very healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy."

Roslyn, Art Museum Curator, Sydney




My husband and I will be forever grateful to You Xia for helping us achieve our dream of having a baby. After three unsuccessful attempts with IVF we were resigned to the fact that we were not meant to have children. A friend suggested we try acupuncture and chinese herbs and recommended we see You Xia. We attempted a fourth IVF cycle while continuing to take the herbs and acupuncture. I am very happy to say that in Oct. 07 we gave birth to a very healthy baby girl (I was 44 years old).

Eliza, Dentist, Sydney



I had a lot of problems falling pregnant and repeated miscarriages, over a four year period, doctors couldn't find anything wrong. After seeing You Xia for about five months, my energy improved greatly, and after treatment for my husband (who had poor sperm count) as well with Chinese herbs and acupuncture I was able to fall pregnant naturally and carry a healthy baby full term. I also had a trouble free healthy pregnancy which I attribute to You Xia's treatment.

Lee, Naturopath, Sydney



My baby, who had settled very comfortably into a breech position at week 30, turned to the correct position at 39 weeks....It took 9 sessions of moxibustion acupuncture to turn her - exactly the advice I had been given..... I can't thank you enough!

Joanne, Student, Sydney



Thank you for helping in the last weeks of my pregnancy....You arranged a program of 3 acupuncture sessions; one on the Monday 29th June, then again the following day, and the last session on Thursday 2nd July. You told me I would go into labour that night or the following day, and I went into labour that night at 10 p.m. .... it was an 8 and a half hour normal labour. Thank you also for improving my health with herbs in the lead up to the birth.

Kerren, Business Manager, Sydney

Besides women's health. Dr You Xia Li also treats skin problems, sports injuries and general health issues.

Please read more customers reviews about their experience at Jade Buddha Herbs


As a fitness professional, it is one of my main priorities to attain optimal health and well-being. You Xia has helped me to achieve this over the past 10 years. Recently, I was hit with a serious bout of gastro / reflux and You Xia fixed me up in 12 hours!

Rob, Fitness Professional, Sydney.



I visited You Xia Li 3 months ago seeking Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture for my gall bladder condition which was shown through ultrasound to be diseased and contain multiple small stones. After taking herbs and acupuncture on a weekly basis, I had a second ultrasound which showed my gall bladder was much improved. The gall bladder wall, originally 4.7 cm thick was reduced to 2 cm thick. Most of the small multiple stones were gone... I feel in much better health and my energy level is now good. You Xia has helped me to avoid surgery to remove the gall bladder. I had previously consulted two specialists based on the first ultrasound and both had advised immediately removing the gall bladder.

Roslyn, Sales Person, Sydney.



I am a dancer with Sydney Dance Company and late last year, during a performace I tore my right calf, three weeks into my recovery I came to see You Xia to see whether she could help me. I limped into her clinic and walked out of it following her magical acupuncture. You Xia not only continues to help relieve my body physically due to my work but has also beautifully turned my life around with all the wonderful herbs...Thank you so very much ...You work miracles!!

Simone, Dancer, Sydney.



When I first went to Jade Buddha Herbs, I was suffering from three conditions; severe acne, eczema, and a widespread rash. A series of doctors and dermatologists could find no cure despite extended treatments and testing. The treatment I have received from You Xia has dramatically improved my skin, removing all three conditions. Thanks to You Xia's hard work and dedication I have received a high level of treatment. I more than happily recommend her services to anyone facing similar issues.

Lucian, Law Student, Sydney.



I came to see You Xia over 5 years ago in relation to menopausal symptoms. I started a course of herbs and acupuncture and it cleared 99 percent of my symptoms. Also, with menopause I noticed my figure (around the chest area) became deflated. As You Xia was working on my hormone levels, I was happy to find after taking the herbs my figure returned to my normal size. It has also helped resolve another health issue I had for many years; acute sensitivity and intolerance to sugar and sweet things. Previously, I had been to a GP to get a glucose tolerance test. As they could not find any problem, they referred me to a Psychiatrist because they said the symptoms were imagined! Yet my symptoms were red rashes, dizziness, tiredness etc. Since I have been taking You Xia's herbs these symptoms have diminished to the point where I can eat ice cream and chocolate without feeling terrified that I'm going to feel sick. I went to see You Xia for one health issue, and to my pleasant surprise, she healed two health issues.

Maxine, Administrator, Blue Mountains.



After spending far too much on a specialist who made clear that my prognosis was not good for a throat problem, You Xia was able to rectify the ailment in only two weeks. I am very grateful for her attention and healing knowledge.

Leo, Actor, Sydney.



I had been trying to conceive for about two and a half years with great difficulty as I suffer from chronic bladder pain so it was very hard to even have sex. I went to see You Xia Li and she prescribed me herbs for 2 weeks during the middle of my cycle and I fell pregnant that very month. Thank you so much You Xia!

Kyrie, Farm Owner, Ballina.



I injured my foot at an Aikido class and I was unable to walk because my foot was swollen and the heel was particularly painful. You Xia used a mixture of herbs and applied them directly to my foot (held on with a bandage). She said I would be walking in 48 hours. After the 48 hours when I took off the medicine bandage, I could walk with full pressure on my foot and all the swelling and pain had gone. You Xia is a miracle worker! This treatment, I would recommend to anyone.

Claire, Underwriter, Sydney.



Before commencing treatment at Jade Buddha herbs, I had suffered for over ten years with severe facial acne and polycystic ovaries due to a hormonal imbalance. The hormonal imbalance also prevented me from menstruating.


I had visited a number of specialists and was prescribed with numerous prescription medications, all of which never treated my condition. Doctors had advised me that it may be very difficult for me to have children and that it could take many years for me to fall pregnant; if I was in fact I was lucky enough to do so. I had recently been engaged and as we started planning our future, the anxiety kicked in. Firstly, the thought of celebrating my special day with horrendous acne was devastating and secondly the thought of not being able to have children really upset me. I had given up on finding a cure until I decided to give traditional medicine a chance. I was a little hesitant at first thinking it could just be a waste of time and money as nothing had ever worked, so why would this.


I started treatment of a combination of acupuncture and chinese herbs and after only a month of treatment I started noticing amazing changes in my skin. After 3 months, my periods returned and my skin was looking so much clearer. Within 6 months my skin was clear and I started receiving comments on how beautiful my skin was. I was delighted to walk down the aisle on my Wedding Day with the beautiful clear skin I always longed for. We returned from our honeymoon with some very exciting news - I was pregnant!!!


The treatment that You Xia had prescribed for me was so efficient that I fell pregnant the first time we tried. I continued herbal medicine and acupuncture during my pregnancy which helped prepare my body for labour and helped provide essential nutrients to my baby. My beautiful happy and healthy baby girl was born in a very quick 3 hour labour. Thank you You Xia... You have changed my life!

Alicia, Customer Service, Maroubra.